The business card

Do I need a business card? Probably not right now. But we are still getting it. However, I was recently at a social where I wanted to give my email address to a fellow computer scientist who is also a business owner. It worked out since everyone carry phones but when I remember the feeling… Continue reading The business card


Metacircle was founded in July 2010 by myself and my friend Patrick. We offer consulting services for the IT industry and we are currently making feature enhancements and analyzing performance for the webshop product from MCB, a company based in Holstebro, Denmark. The name Metacircle is inspired by the computer science concept of a meta-circular evaluator. We… Continue reading Metacircle

Who needs SEO?

I often wonder about search engine optimization (SEO). Does it really deserve its own little separate subspace of the IT industry? First, I acknowledge that almost all internet surfing/browsing/searching/whatever starts with an internet search. Therefore, it is important for all kinds of websites to show up early in internet searches and the concept of SEO is… Continue reading Who needs SEO?