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I am now jobless. I am now independent. For the next few months, I am going to work on projects that do not provide any steady income and I have not planned to take on any consulting or freelance work. I am writing this post both for people that would be interested in what I am doing but also to wrap my ahead around what this is all about.

What is the plan

I am taking some time off from paid jobs. Instead, I will work for myself full time. My primary focus is improving and enhancing Antecons, a recommendation engine for webshops that is available now.

I also want to work on smaller side-projects. For example, I have an ongoing dream of creating programmatic music. Hopefully, blog posts will be more frequent in this period as well. I have a few different topics lined up but my thoughts about them have not yet materialized.

Show me the money

I am funding this time off with money that I saved up over the last year. Unless something unexpected happens, I can afford at least two months without any form of income but I hope to stretch the money to support me for half a year. I have very few obligations and expenses so it should be possible.

Some of my friends suggested that if I do not have a job then I could get unemployment benefits. My answer to that is a clear no. It would be morally wrong to do because I am not unemployed and I do not want to take advantage of the system.

“I have this cool idea”

Great! I am open to good ideas and I would love to hear what you have in mind.

Also, I have always wanted to work on open source projects or for a good cause so if you need help with a non-profit or a charity, I might be able to help you for free.

The road ahead

Honestly, I do not really know what I am doing. I am trying to think rationally and tell myself that I should have a clear plan or be more organized but planning is completely against my nature so for now, I am just going to wing it. We will see what happens down the line.

Antecons News Projects


Release fast and iterate“. In some parts of the computing world this is the mantra and I think it’s time for an early announcement: Metacircle has now released an actual product (kind of). It is called Antecons, short for antecedent – consequent. Antecons is a small and simple component that suggests items based on previous usage data (such as purchases) and it is currently being tested on

Why did I create Antecons? Well, there are several reasons, actually.

  • I love data mining and business intelligence
  • Good recommendation engines improve conversion rates and thus profit for e-businesses.
  • Recommendation engines are not available to everyone at a low price. Most current solutions like target big companies and corporations. Antecons targets everyone.
  • People have already shown interest in Antecons. This includes my faithful partners at MCB as well as the founder of Remove The Background

Let’s keep it real. The business intelligence market is very competitive and many companies are years of research ahead of me. I do not plan to steal their customers. I plan on making advanced technology available to the masses.

In its current form, Antecons is simply a .NET DLL component with a public API for interacting with Antecons. It needs access to an SQL server and will thus only work with ASP.NET applications. I am currently exploring the possibilities of making Antecons a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product and a proof-of-concept prototype is being built for the Google App Engine, although it has not been finally decided where to host the first SaaS version. You can check it out here.

If Antecons gains traction, I will give up consulting and work solely on making it an excellent and easy-to-use product. For now, it has been a major personal success to see something get out there. I hope the interest continues.

Industry News Software


Metacircle logoMetacircle was founded in July 2010 by myself and my friend Patrick. We offer consulting services for the IT industry and we are currently making feature enhancements and analyzing performance for the webshop product fromĀ MCB, a company based in Holstebro, Denmark.

The nameĀ Metacircle is inspired by the computer science concept of a meta-circular evaluator. We chose the name because we (especially Patrick) are excited about the possibilities of a new functional programming language called Clojure which, we hope, we will be able to utilize in future projects.

These are exciting times.

By the way, Ubuntu 10.10 is coming soon. See the fancy countdown below.
Ubuntu 10.10 is out!