This is not a rant

Meaw Meaw
A kitten that is obviously ranting :-)
Meaw Meaw by Sergiu Bacioiu.

I’m still here, I just have not had anything interesting to say lately. I have had a few drafts for a few different rants but I usually decide not to post them. Rants can of course be interesting and enlightening but in my case, I just did not feel like posting them in the end.

Most of what I read around the IT blogosphere are, in essence, rants. If a piece of text is not a rant, it is usually an article in a magazine or an advertisement for some new technology. Maybe my observation is wrong (it is most certainly very generalized) but if we hold on to the thought, and interesting question can be raised: Why is it like that? I do not have the answer, only further questions:

  • Is it simply easier to complain/critique stuff than to praise stuff?
  • Could it be that rants are more satisfying to write for the author?
  • Maybe the world is just generally dysfunctional and someone needs to remind us constantly that it is so?

It would be hypocrisy for me to say that I will stop ranting altogether. But if there is one thing I have learned this past year of doing contract work it is to count to ten, take a deep breath and think once more about the situation that is bugging me — and then complain if it makes sense to do so. There are almost always two ways of looking at things.


Why I stopped drinking and started sleeping


In July this year, just as I was starting up metacircle, I made a decision to stop drinking alcohol. Since then, I have become increasingly happy with this decision. What does this have to do with software and the IT industry? As it turns out, quite a lot — at least for me.

First, I’m not trying to be “holy”, “saved”, “better than you” or anything else. I did my fair share of drinking earlier. Back in the days. Hopefully, those days are gone but my point is that I am not starting a crusade against alcohol.

The short- and long-term effects of alcohol on the brain have often been debated but there seems to be no doubt that consuming even the slightest amount of alcohol is degenerative for the brain in some way. On top of that, sleeping under the influence of alcohol seems to impair the sleep pattern, although this is also a debatable subject [1][2].

But a scientific study is one thing, the way you feel is another. My non-drinking experiment was primarily a test to see what would happen if I stopped since I had increasingly felt that the effects of a hangover sometimes carried over to every-day situations several days after a night out.

And here is the result: For the last half year, I have been more aware and sharp in my head. I feel that I have an easier time understanding new problems and technologies and combined with the fortunate situation that I can sleep as much as I want (almost), I am currently in a situation that is much more personally satisfying than ever before. The IT industry is competitive, there is always someone smarter than yourself and knowing this is frustrating. But the frustration is reduced when the amount of deliberate, self-inflicted brain-degeneration is minimized.

And actually, it is quite healthy for the rest of the body as well.


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Where thoughts flow

A couple of years ago, my friend Lars and I decided to start blogging together through a blog I had named “Tankestrøm”. I have always liked the name very much but the site kind of died after only a few posts.

Now, this site has appeared with an English translation of the name “Thought Flow” and I will begin writing stuff shortly since my life is taking a different turn at the moment. So far, I haven’t got much to write.

Hmm, I wonder when the search engines will start discovering this site…