People Debt

noun, Definition: Unwillingness or resistance to change in the context of organizations, application design and development, when the change is objectively or arguably positive for the organization. From the David Dictionary :-) Imagine a house in need of renovation. You can continue to paint the walls over and build new extensions, but at some point,… Continue reading People Debt

Historical design decisions and consequences

Douglas Crockford discovered JSON and he also wrote a reference implementation for JSON in Java. One of the great stories I heard him share was on Hanselminutes episode 396: He was contacted by some developers that were getting syntax errors while parsing JSON using his reference implementation. It turned out that they were transferring JSON… Continue reading Historical design decisions and consequences

Lucky decisions

Most people make lots of decisions every day. Some are tougher to make than others and some are more consequential than others. One of those small everyday decisions recently made me think about the cost and how much we depend on luck to affirm that we did something right. A story Here is a little… Continue reading Lucky decisions