Go Ducks!

This is amazing, incredible and overwhelming. I am talking about football. Sorry American football (for me, “football” will always be what the Americans call soccer). Today, I just watched my first game of American football with the local team of Eugene: the Oregon Ducks (with an official Disney Donald Duck mascot :-) And it was quite an experience! The game was played at Autzen Stadium which has a capacity of about 60.000 people and the game was sold out. The pictures speak for themselves.

In the days before “gameday”, the local newspaper makes special printed issues about the Oregon Ducks, everyone talks about the game and on the actual gameday, the Duck Store has longer opening hours and everybody is wearing green and yellow. It’s amazing.

Now this is actually not professional football. ALL the players are students at the University of Oregon. College football is just huge over here and the atmosphere was tremendous. It’s really hard to explain.


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