Spencer Butte is not a butt…

First commercial for today: The people gallery have been updated.

Second commercial: Come to Oregon. Last Saturday, Dan, Maria and I drove to Spencer Butte. A “small” hill just 10-15 minutes from our place by car (“Butte”, by the way, is actually pronounced as the first part in beatiful up until the i, so it is not a butt). The hike to the top was about 1 km almost directly vertical — not difficult but a bit tiring. The weather was nice and the view was extraordinary. It is cool to have beautiful nature so close and something Denmark cannot really brag about. Please, no comments about me not being a nature man… I have converted!

This week I finally pulled myself together and began using my office at the computer science department that has graciously been supplied for most graduate students. I must say, productivity got a 100% improvement right there. But this is also necessary because I actually have two upcoming assignments for next week. This weekend is going to be a killer. And “you want to earn that A, I guess” as one of my teachers said. Yep, that’s right. Aiming for the straight A’s. Nothing less can do. Who am I kidding?… Interested readers can find the assignments here: AI 2 & Distributed Systems

And now back to placing tents next to trees. On the computer that is.

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