Is Big Brother watching?

I recently (5 minutes ago) started pondering which entity knows more about me: Google or the US government. Certainly, the information that Google gathers from me are mostly related to my personal opinions, social network and lately also my current exact position. But the US government knows everything about my background, Visa status and […]


I write surprisingly little about love. It’s strange though because that abstract concept consumes so much of my energy mentally and even physically. However, there is a strange, invisible line that I usually do not cross with the tag online-life-disclosure-ends-here.

Google my name and you get a little over a hundred thousand results (which […]

Gotta love being a computer scientist

It is weekend, Saturday night. You just got home from a dinner party. What do you do? Sleep? No, a computer scientist starts programming…

There is something special about midnight programming. Everything is dark outside, quiet and calm (maybe a small breeze to shake the leaves of the tree a bit — that’s perfect). […]