A quote to get this post started:

“Sounds like paradise” — a friend commenting on my description of the Danish welfare system.

The other night, I overheard two of my friends talking about how one specific Summer has been their best ever. The reasons vary but most of the time it has something to […]


Although it is not very noticeable right now with clouds and rain, the Spring is definitely making its entry. Last week it was our turn at the U of O to have the (in)famous Spring break (time of Spring break various across the country). Rather than getting drunk in Cancun like in the movies, […]

Active holiday

Wow, this summer holiday is really packed. First, I thought that Roskilde Festival and roadtrip was going to be the only planned thing this year… but I have been wrong so far. At the time of writing, I am sitting in Holstebro at my parents’ and I am soon heading off for the Summer […]