Last post is from March 30. Almost two months ago. That is quite amazing, considering I thought it was only a few weeks ago that I last spread words of wisdom to my little part of the internet.

I often wonder who is reading this. I know that there are some but I don’t […]

Is Big Brother watching?

I recently (5 minutes ago) started pondering which entity knows more about me: Google or the US government. Certainly, the information that Google gathers from me are mostly related to my personal opinions, social network and lately also my current exact position. But the US government knows everything about my background, Visa status and […]

The end

So the Summer roadtrips are over now. The experiences haven’t quite been digested yet. The end hasn’t been digested either. Alone in the apartment, I feel an empty hole inside, filled up with exciting memories but not enough to take away the urge to still being around people — without having the possibility of […]

It’s happening

Travelphase 2 is in progress (travelphase 1 being the actual moveout). I am sitting in the train towards Holstebro and my parents. A few hours ago I left my room after I had finally been able to clear out all the mess in there. I am now living in a suitcase.

Such emptiness. I […]

Almost there

The stress and fear is building up along with excitement and great anticipation. I am currently moving out of my room which is quite a difficult task when I am not moving to new place but transferring my life temporalily to the far side of the world. What should be saved for later and […]