It begins

The future begins. Last week, I received my final grade and except for the fact that I have not received the official diploma yet, I think it is safe to say that I can call myself Master of Science in Computer & Information Science.

It sounds good, right? But what happens next? First, I haven’t quite realized that I am done with school. I try to wrap my head around it but I cannot do it yet. Then what? Well, most people start looking for jobs. I am doing something else. I am looking for work. What is the difference you ask? Patrick and I are starting a business. However, we will still be working for other companies. That’s what businesses do. They work for each other (or  individuals for that matter). Hence, I work for others but I am hired by myself.

Everything is very scary right now. I don’t know exactly where I am, what I am doing and how I will survive just one month from now. It seemed that a big theme at this year’s graduation ceremony is persistence. I will try to be exactly that, persistent. But that does not remove the fear. Time will tell (what a cliche).

This might be the last post I write while being in the United States. I will probably continue writing thoughts and updates because it is a convenient way of communicating to a large audience of people that might actually care about what I am communicating about.

I will now return to the suitcases.

The Danish bro

Here in our little world on Emerald St, stereotypes are often a nice topic for a conversation. For example, a significant amount of time has been devoted to analyzing the hipster movement. Since hipsters do  have a certain coolness (although often a pretentious one), obviously a couple of non-hipsters like myself and my roommate are fascinated by this trend that seem to be ever-increasing, especially amongst freshman students.

Bro is another famous stereotype. When it comes down to me impersonating stereotypes, it is my favorite indeed. Whenever someone fist bumps me or — worse — performs a secret handshake maneuver, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I definitely die a little on the inside… every time.

But now, there is a new character in town. I’m probably way late on this but judging by the sparse description on Urban Dictionary, it is pretty new: The AltBro. It means alternative bro and it is sort of a new breed between hipster and bro. A beautiful union, I must say.

Surfing around the Facebook, I then realized: Most of my Danish friends are AltBros! So far, the term hipster is actually non-existent in Danish vocabulary and the fist bumps have not really traveled over the Atlantic either. But who cares when the latest trend, the AltBro, has been around for so many years… we’re just not very good at giving things names.


People might have noticed that I have embraced my middle name, Volquartz, and use it where I can. Yeah, why not? It IS my name and it sounds cool.


Last post is from March 30. Almost two months ago. That is quite amazing, considering I thought it was only a few weeks ago that I last spread words of wisdom to my little part of the internet.

I often wonder who is reading this. I know that there are some but I don’t know who. And some days ago, a more creepy thought occurred to me: Is anyone stalking me? In the digital age, everyone is posting everything, from thoughts, relationship status to revealing pictures of nights with too much alcohol or too little cloth on. Who is watching all this?

I have a friend that is totally pedantic about privacy and I often wonder if the person had some kind of experience that led to this borderline paranoia. So far, I have not experienced anything bad due to the multiple ways people can stalk me and I do not really care if strangers are looking at my pictures but I wonder was this whole personality sharing will mean to us in the future.

Having lived in a country where privacy seems to be valued highly, I often wonder why it is still the Americans that are (often) the first to embrace new social technology. People act concerned but are they really?

Anyway, I was just wondering. I think I need coffee.

(yes, I did indeed just add that last line so I could tag this post with the word coffee)

The future

Many people think about the future. Maybe even all people. I do to. But when the future is unknown, what then? Is there a reason to think so much about it. Is there a reason to think even if we know the future?

We spend 90% of our lives doing something we do not want to do, only to look forward to the small moments of joy, like the recent Spring Break roadtrip I was on.

Anyway, this could be the start of a very long discussion of “carpe diem” but I find that slightly old. I just wanted to express my own fear. It’s growing. My US departure  is fast approaching. I have only three months left before graduating, flying home and… then what? Well, a friend and I are in the process of discussing starting up a company together. Oh, that sounds cool, you might say. Well, yeah, but it is f-word scary.

So far, I am still able to sleep at night and I decided to be oblivious to the fact that 4 months from now, I have no idea what is happening. I know most graduating students have this thought, a thought that leads to the “I have to find a job” kind of thing. But I am not looking for a job and I don’t have much money to begin with.

So is the future bleak? I don’t know. But it’s happening soon. Just don’t think too much about it.