The Danish bro

Here in our little world on Emerald St, stereotypes are often a nice topic for a conversation. For example, a significant amount of time has been devoted to analyzing the hipster movement. Since hipsters do  have a certain coolness (although often a pretentious one), obviously a couple of non-hipsters like myself and my roommate are fascinated by this trend that seem to be ever-increasing, especially amongst freshman students.

Bro is another famous stereotype. When it comes down to me impersonating stereotypes, it is my favorite indeed. Whenever someone fist bumps me or — worse — performs a secret handshake¬†maneuver, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I definitely die a little on the inside… every time.

But now, there is a new character in town. I’m probably way late on this but judging by the sparse description on Urban Dictionary, it is pretty new: The AltBro. It means alternative bro and it is sort of a new breed between hipster and bro. A beautiful union, I must say.

Surfing around the Facebook, I then realized: Most of my Danish friends are AltBros! So far, the term hipster is actually non-existent in Danish vocabulary and the fist bumps have not really traveled over the Atlantic either. But who cares when the latest trend, the AltBro, has been around for so many years… we’re just not very good at giving things names.

2 comments to The Danish bro

  • Nicolai

    What about our secret handshake?!? Did that make you die on the inside as well?? *cry* :(

  • It’s different. It’s not something we do every time we see each other or to greet each other (hugs are for that). Rather, we use it when something cool is happening :-)