It begins

The future begins. Last week, I received my final grade and except for the fact that I have not received the official diploma yet, I think it is safe to say that I can call myself Master of Science in Computer & Information Science.

It sounds good, right? But what happens next? First, I […]

The Danish bro

Here in our little world on Emerald St, stereotypes are often a nice topic for a conversation. For example, a significant amount of time has been devoted to analyzing the hipster movement. Since hipsters do ┬áhave a certain coolness (although often a pretentious one), obviously a couple of non-hipsters like myself and my roommate […]


People might have noticed that I have embraced my middle name, Volquartz, and use it where I can. Yeah, why not? It IS my name and it sounds cool.


Last post is from March 30. Almost two months ago. That is quite amazing, considering I thought it was only a few weeks ago that I last spread words of wisdom to my little part of the internet.

I often wonder who is reading this. I know that there are some but I don’t […]

The future

Many people think about the future. Maybe even all people. I do to. But when the future is unknown, what then? Is there a reason to think so much about it. Is there a reason to think even if we know the future?

We spend 90% of our lives doing something we do not […]