The end

So the Summer roadtrips are over now. The experiences haven’t quite been digested yet. The end hasn’t been digested either. Alone in the apartment, I feel an empty hole inside, filled up with exciting memories but not enough to take away the urge to still being around people — without having the possibility of […]

Roadtrip 2009

End of term and now it’s time for roadtripping. Spring term has been very strange because all international students began to see the end of a super great year while at the same time trying to keep up with school. Almost everyone are now gone and have left a very empty space…

Fortunately, my […]

Funny stuff

I’ve had this funny spam message lying around for a while. Let me just say that I followed the spammers advise immediately.

Also, did I mention that the battery on my laptop is extremely powerful?

This is what is going on in my world right now. Oh and I just went to Vancouver, Canada […]


Although it is not very noticeable right now with clouds and rain, the Spring is definitely making its entry. Last week it was our turn at the U of O to have the (in)famous Spring break (time of Spring break various across the country). Rather than getting drunk in Cancun like in the movies, […]

A short notice

I often get thoughts that lead me to thinking: “Wow, that would be a great thing to get of my mind and share with everyone”

Unfortunately, I have forgot those thoughts right now and instead can only remember what really matters anyway which is the real life. This January  and February turned out to […]