Emotions of football

My very old blog post Go Ducks got a comment today which was not spam but read:

Broncos beats the Ducks

Or something like that but nothing else. Unfortunately, the author did not print his/her name and thus, I did not publish it. I would have been happy to though since I do support free speech (and quite frankly do not care the least bit about people commenting on the the Oregon Football team’s future performances) but I do not support anonymous mudslinging.

Anyway, the real point was actually just that I never understood why anyone would spend their precious time on mocking sports teams, especially when it includes going onto a blog, looking at a year-old blog post and write a comment that nobody will ever read except now that I have put it out there. Can anyone tell me?

4 comments to Emotions of football

  • Woops, I had no idea the post was old; however, my point still stands — University of Oregon sucks.


    • I am sure that Boise and Oregon have different strengths and weaknesses. We happen to have people on the football team with bad temper. Too bad.

  • Kiki

    You know, I understand good-natured rivalry. It’s part of getting the crowd fired-up and making the game exciting. However, I just can’t get behind the passionate hatred that comes from some fans. I’d rather wear a t-shirt that elevates the Ducks than one that chastises the other team.

  • Lars

    Talk about being obsessed with another team.

    – Often a sign of either jealousy or a feeling of mediocrity in comparison with the other team that the fan spends hours studying in detail.

    On to a more important issue: The Danish national team is still top of the pile in their World Cup qualification group with a potential group final against Sweden next month. Make sure you watch it ;-)

    Hope everything is well.