Fall (again)

Once again, Fall is here. Despite worse weather, shorter days and the swine flu pandemic, Oregon is really trying its best to keep us alive by providing us with the most beautiful colors!

The end

So the Summer roadtrips are over now. The experiences haven’t quite been digested yet. The end hasn’t been digested either. Alone in the apartment, I feel an empty hole inside, filled up with exciting memories but not enough to take away the urge to still being around people — without having the possibility of […]


Although it is not very noticeable right now with clouds and rain, the Spring is definitely making its entry. Last week it was our turn at the U of O to have the (in)famous Spring break (time of Spring break various across the country). Rather than getting drunk in Cancun like in the movies, […]

A short notice

I often get thoughts that lead me to thinking: “Wow, that would be a great thing to get of my mind and share with everyone”

Unfortunately, I have forgot those thoughts right now and instead can only remember what really matters anyway which is the real life. This January  and February turned out to […]

Spencer Butte is not a butt…

First commercial for today: The people gallery have been updated.

Second commercial: Come to Oregon. Last Saturday, Dan, Maria and I drove to Spencer Butte. A “small” hill just 10-15 minutes from our place by car (“Butte”, by the way, is actually pronounced as the first part in beatiful up until the i, so […]