Weekday luxuries

Unfortunately, I have been very demotivated this term so far. I cannot explain why because the weather is getting better, the Summer is coming up and everybody look more happy in the sun. Maybe it is the fact that a year is drawing to a close, meaning that almost all the people closest to […]

Gotta love being a computer scientist

It is weekend, Saturday night. You just got home from a dinner party. What do you do? Sleep? No, a computer scientist starts programming…

There is something special about midnight programming. Everything is dark outside, quiet and calm (maybe a small breeze to shake the leaves of the tree a bit — that’s perfect). […]

Spencer Butte is not a butt…

First commercial for today: The people gallery have been updated.

Second commercial: Come to Oregon. Last Saturday, Dan, Maria and I drove to Spencer Butte. A “small” hill just 10-15 minutes from our place by car (“Butte”, by the way, is actually pronounced as the first part in beatiful up until the i, so […]

I should be studying…

It is really difficult to balance need-to-dos and want-to-dos. I had to deliver my first assignment on Monday but instead of using all weekend for the assignment, I chose to both have a move-in party on Friday (ruining the Saturday) and a trip to Portland on Sunday. Not a smart move when you are […]