The Emerald City

Last weekend, I visited “The Emerald City”, a popular name for the city of Seattle, Washington. And the name suits the city well. Seattle is a very cool city and the first major big city, I visited yet, complete with skyline and tons of attractions. Eugene is also nicknamed The Emerald City and […]

Have you voted yet?

I haven’t really talked much about voting. And that is strange because one of the first things I was asked by the (numerous) people that walk around campus doing different stuff was: Have you registered to vote yet? Unfortunately, I had to disappoint them each time, saying I was not American (but apparently look […]


So, here is some pictures from the University of Oregon campus. I will maybe update this from time to time.

Hail bureaucracy

Alright alright. It’s not THAT bad. In the airport passport check I did not have to show anything but my passport, Visa and DS-2019 and after that, a nice fellow in customs looked through my bag with plastic gloves, asking me why I traveled to Egypt back in 2004 (yes, he did). You know, […]

US Arrival

I have arrived in Eugene! After a nice 60 year birthday for my father on Saturday (September 13), I left Denmark at 6.30 in the morning on Sunday after about 1 hour of sleep. Very exhausting. About 18 hours later and a -9 hour time shift I arrived at Eugene and was picked up by […]