It begins

The future begins. Last week, I received my final grade and except for the fact that I have not received the official diploma yet, I think it is safe to say that I can call myself Master of Science in Computer & Information Science.

It sounds good, right? But what happens next? First, I […]

A winning combination?

Late night programming, beer and coffee. A winning combination? I believe so. I have earlier mentioned the wonders of midnight programming. Now, another quarter draws to an end and once more, I delve into the darkness of the night with my computer as my companion… The only problem with this right now is, […]

Life is asynchronous

Concepts from the computer science world sometimes fit pretty well into the real world. Take for instance “asynchronous”, a property of most distributed systems. In an asynchronous system we do not have known bounds for process execution time, message passing or drift rate of clocks. In other words, asynchronous systems are hard to deal […]

Gotta love being a computer scientist

It is weekend, Saturday night. You just got home from a dinner party. What do you do? Sleep? No, a computer scientist starts programming…

There is something special about midnight programming. Everything is dark outside, quiet and calm (maybe a small breeze to shake the leaves of the tree a bit — that’s perfect). […]