It begins

The future begins. Last week, I received my final grade and except for the fact that I have not received the official diploma yet, I think it is safe to say that I can call myself Master of Science in Computer & Information Science.

It sounds good, right? But what happens next? First, I […]

The future

Many people think about the future. Maybe even all people. I do to. But when the future is unknown, what then? Is there a reason to think so much about it. Is there a reason to think even if we know the future?

We spend 90% of our lives doing something we do not […]

The big fish eat the little ones

You can try the best you can If you try the best you can The best you can is good enough

Yes, I have been optimistic this term. But finals are drawing near, big project deadlines are closing in and stress is slowly building up so the optimism is fading. It is the same […]

End of the narrative

“Goodbye.” The context of that quote is so important. Do we see each other tomorrow? Maybe “see you” would be more appropriate in that case. Are you going to be away for a month? Goodbye is ok for that kind of parting. Will I ever see you again? There is no word suitable for […]