The big fish eat the little ones

You can try the best you can If you try the best you can The best you can is good enough

Yes, I have been optimistic this term. But finals are drawing near, big project deadlines are closing in and stress is slowly building up so the optimism is fading. It is the same […]

One of those days

It’s been one of those days. Hundreds of pages behind with reading but no motivation to start. Well, at least Denmark qualified for the soccer world cup and the Ducks won at UCLA.

By the way, did I tell everyone that I have hiked a mountain? The South Sister, close to Bend, Oregon. Pretty sweet. […]

I thought it was finally time for a blog post with the title “…”. No reason.

Other thoughts and opinions on my mind lately:

I too often describe people in stereotypes, the most common around here being hippie, hipster and douchebag. Why? How would I even describe myself using a stereotype? This has to stop. […]

Perfect moments

I had “a perfect moment”. They are rare, but they do happen. Sitting in a bar with a cold beer after a hard days work might mistakenly be classified as “perfect moments” but they are merely sweet fruits that make life less bitter. Let me tell you about a real perfect moment:

After hiking […]


Although it is not very noticeable right now with clouds and rain, the Spring is definitely making its entry. Last week it was our turn at the U of O to have the (in)famous Spring break (time of Spring break various across the country). Rather than getting drunk in Cancun like in the movies, […]