I thought it was finally time for a blog post with the title “…”. No reason.

Other thoughts and opinions on my mind lately:

  • I too often describe people in stereotypes, the most common around here being hippie, hipster and douchebag. Why?¬†How would I even describe myself using a stereotype? This has to stop.
  • Vegetarian food is not that bad as long as it is from Cafe Yumm.
  • Christians seem to have fun too in a quite fascinating way that I cannot figure out. And it is apparently possible to meet your future wife in a church. And she might actually be very attractive and funny (although probably sexually inexperienced… among other things).
  • Hanging out with Cecilia has been pretty awesome. I miss both my beautiful roommates a lot. Cecilia also sparked the above question on why stereotypes are necessary. She is very wise.
  • I have considered changing my lifestyle which would probably be good for me but it will not happen.
  • Burrying the hatchet is very satisfying for the soul.
  • Being selfconfident is good but being overly confident really turns me off. I don’t where the line is. It’s definitely not a fine line but an adjustable one.
  • Marcilia is really the perfect name for my car.
  • Mt. Pisgah is an excellent hike, especially with particularly good company.
  • What do people reading my blog actually think of me?

If any of the above didn’t make sense… well.

3 comments to …

  • Patrick

    You probably noticed this yourself, but this strip reminds me of you and your blog:



  • Johannes

    You ask what we think of you-we are some that just loves you. far

  • @Patrick: I have indeed seen the strip recently and thought about how it relates to me and my blog. And yeah:
    — I have dreams that I will tell you about.
    — I could speak French in high school… a little.
    — I will occasionally apologize for not writing more on my blog.
    — But only drinking one or two glasses of beer? Please…

    @far: I love you too!