I thought it was finally time for a blog post with the title “…”. No reason.

Other thoughts and opinions on my mind lately:

I too often describe people in stereotypes, the most common around here being hippie, hipster and douchebag. Why?¬†How would I even describe myself using a stereotype? This has to stop. […]

Roadtrip 2009

End of term and now it’s time for roadtripping. Spring term has been very strange because all international students began to see the end of a super great year while at the same time trying to keep up with school. Almost everyone are now gone and have left a very empty space…

Fortunately, my […]

Weekday luxuries

Unfortunately, I have been very demotivated this term so far. I cannot explain why because the weather is getting better, the Summer is coming up and everybody look more happy in the sun. Maybe it is the fact that a year is drawing to a close, meaning that almost all the people closest to […]

End of the narrative

“Goodbye.” The context of that quote is so important. Do we see each other tomorrow? Maybe “see you” would be more appropriate in that case. Are you going to be away for a month? Goodbye is ok for that kind of parting. Will I ever see you again? There is no word suitable for […]

Knowing people

People who know me know that I know a lot of people. I know that knowing people does not always imply that you are friends, so knowing who your friends are is important. I probably knew this before I got here but in the endless amounts of paperwork, I forgot to know what I […]