I thought it was finally time for a blog post with the title “…”. No reason.

Other thoughts and opinions on my mind lately:

I too often describe people in stereotypes, the most common around here being hippie, hipster and douchebag. Why?¬†How would I even describe myself using a stereotype? This has to stop. […]

Weekday luxuries

Unfortunately, I have been very demotivated this term so far. I cannot explain why because the weather is getting better, the Summer is coming up and everybody look more happy in the sun. Maybe it is the fact that a year is drawing to a close, meaning that almost all the people closest to […]


This is an evolving gallery of people that I meet (and get decent pictures of).

… gallery is empty …

The new place

Oh my, it has been a long time since I last wrote something in here. A lot of things have been going on.

I finally moved in to my own room. It is part of a house and we live five people here. Two Swedish girls, Cecilia and Maria, (see earlier posts for pictures) […]