The big fish eat the little ones

You can try the best you can If you try the best you can The best you can is good enough

Yes, I have been optimistic this term. But finals are drawing near, big project deadlines are closing in and stress is slowly building up so the optimism is fading. It is the same […]

Funny stuff

I’ve had this funny spam message lying around for a while. Let me just say that I followed the spammers advise immediately.

Also, did I mention that the battery on my laptop is extremely powerful?

This is what is going on in my world right now. Oh and I just went to Vancouver, Canada […]

The Emerald City

Last weekend, I visited “The Emerald City”, a popular name for the city of Seattle, Washington. And the name suits the city well. Seattle is a very cool city and the first major big city, I visited yet, complete with skyline and tons of attractions. Eugene is also nicknamed The Emerald City and […]


Pictures from our weekend in Seattle (November 7-9, 2008).