He wasn’t

Big Brother was not watching or at least he did not feel that I should get denied a Visa.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone (including all you spambots that account for most of my visit counts) a merry Christmas.

I wonder if the spambots picked up on that.

Is Big Brother watching?

I recently (5 minutes ago) started pondering which entity knows more about me: Google or the US government. Certainly, the information that Google gathers from me are mostly related to my personal opinions, social network and lately also my current exact position. But the US government knows everything about my background, Visa status and […]

It’s official

Today, I received the important DS-2019 form. This means that I have been approved for a Visa extension! In other words, I will be able to stay another year in the US and finish my Master’s. Happy day!


Although it is not very noticeable right now with clouds and rain, the Spring is definitely making its entry. Last week it was our turn at the U of O to have the (in)famous Spring break (time of Spring break various across the country). Rather than getting drunk in Cancun like in the movies, […]

Hail bureaucracy

Alright alright. It’s not THAT bad. In the airport passport check I did not have to show anything but my passport, Visa and DS-2019 and after that, a nice fellow in customs looked through my bag with plastic gloves, asking me why I traveled to Egypt back in 2004 (yes, he did). You know, […]