It used to be that the TODO app was a common way of demonstrating a specific language, framework or perhaps just as hobby project. Well, it occurred to me that now it seems that the new TODO app is a chat client. There are already many full-fledged “Slack Alternatives” and the hobby projects also seem to be popping up a lot. One of my colleagues was even starting out in Python by writing a chat app.

Ahh, how I enjoy making observations based on anecdotes and gut-feelings :-)

Historical design decisions and consequences

Douglas Crockford discovered JSON and he also wrote a reference implementation for JSON in Java. One of the great stories I heard him share was on Hanselminutes episode 396: He was contacted by some developers that were getting syntax errors while parsing JSON using his reference implementation. It turned out that they were transferring JSON… Continue reading Historical design decisions and consequences

Spotify royalties

Spotify is a cool service but I do not agree with how they pay out royalties. In this post, I will propose a different way. The current royalty calculation is explained by Spotify like this: There is a big chunk of money (the revenue) and each artist is paid according to their global “market share”.… Continue reading Spotify royalties