Release fast and iterate“. In some parts of the computing world this is the mantra and I think it’s time for an early announcement: Metacircle has now released an actual product (kind of). It is called Antecons, short for antecedent – consequent. Antecons is a small and simple component that suggests items based on previous usage data (such as purchases) and it is currently being tested on

Why did I create Antecons? Well, there are several reasons, actually.

  • I love data mining and business intelligence
  • Good recommendation engines improve conversion rates and thus profit for e-businesses.
  • Recommendation engines are not available to everyone at a low price. Most current solutions like target big companies and corporations. Antecons targets everyone.
  • People have already shown interest in Antecons. This includes my faithful partners at MCB as well as the founder of Remove The Background

Let’s keep it real. The business intelligence market is very competitive and many companies are years of research ahead of me. I do not plan to steal their customers. I plan on making advanced technology available to the masses.

In its current form, Antecons is simply a .NET DLL component with a public API for interacting with Antecons. It needs access to an SQL server and will thus only work with ASP.NET applications. I am currently exploring the possibilities of making Antecons a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product and a proof-of-concept prototype is being built for the Google App Engine, although it has not been finally decided where to host the first SaaS version. You can check it out here.

If Antecons gains traction, I will give up consulting and work solely on making it an excellent and easy-to-use product. For now, it has been a major personal success to see something get out there. I hope the interest continues.


  1. This is one brilliant innovation, I really liked the idea that you struggle so much to make this thing. Data mining is not everyone;s job and not everyone can handle this. Antecons is a really amazing project.

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