Simple website visitor stats and location with GoAccess

I do not use cookies or browser trackers (like Google Analytics) on any of my personal websites to track visitor information. From time to time however, it is nice to get an idea of the amount traffic to my sites, including what pages get viewed the most. I use the following one-liner for this: Read… Continue reading Simple website visitor stats and location with GoAccess

AI Tales

I recently launched a new website called AI Tales, where I share small snippets of text, generated by AI, edited by me. AI Tales is going to be my playground for sharing pieces of text that I find “interesting” in one way or another. I will try to update it regularly with new content. We… Continue reading AI Tales

A game of (AI) telephone

Do you remember playing a game called “telephone” (or “Chinese Whispers”) as a kid? The game is simple: The first player comes up with a short sentence like “Alice and Bob walked to the bakery”. They then whisper this sentence to the second player, who then whispers to the third player etc. The fun part… Continue reading A game of (AI) telephone