Experimental features

This post is about Antecons, a product recommendation engine, now part of Conversio. Antecons is no longer commercially available, but I have kept my developer diary on my website with permission. Yesterday, I found out exactly what it means when Google warns about their experimental App Engine features: Your code might eventually break. Let me… Continue reading Experimental features

Intellectual stimulus

After a year of doing freelance programming/consulting, I have a better understanding of why some people choose academia or research as a career path: Intellectual stimulation. I have been working mostly with website and webshop backend programming and on a day-to-day basis, the recipe is basically the same: Create a datatable in a database. Create… Continue reading Intellectual stimulus

Strange Linq-to-SQL performance when using Count

Yesterday, I was writing a Linq-to-SQL query and noticed a quite remarkable difference in performance between two very similar queries (seconds versus minutes of running time). I thought it would be worth sharing. Basically, I have a bunch of orders that are represented by two SQL tables, called Basket and BasketItem. If an order e.g.… Continue reading Strange Linq-to-SQL performance when using Count