Lyrics generator talk

As part of a recent talk I did about my now-quite-old lyrics generator, I used the opportunity to update the code a bit and share a few of the trained models, including the world famous Gene Lyrica One.

The new “rock” models have similar performance to Gene Lyrica One, but subjectively seemed to be slightly more interesting in some cases. The output is still nonsensical and the same words and sentences are often repeated multiple times, so needless to say I have still not been able to make good progress here.

During the talk, I was also made aware of another cool project which is much more comprehensive than mine, these lyrics do not exist, so that is worth mentioning here as well.

And of course, I can’t post something about the lyrics generator without any lyrics. This one came about in multiple steps:

  1. I used the seed text “hello world is a dream” which was the title of the original blog post. The next sentence “happiness is the one” was then generated along with a bunch of subsequent nonsense.
  2. The two sentences fed into the generator again and it produced “the world was my world”.
  3. Repeat this process a few times…

hello world is a dream
happiness is the one
the world was my world
who would be me

give me all the other day
just like a star
you were high

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